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  • Styling Flutter – Nightmare in Themesville

    One of the great things about Flutter is how quickly you can progress with a project. Everyone says it. Flutter development is fast. Except when it isn’t. Where it comes unravelled for me is when I try and apply themes to my project. I’m a big fan of generic code. Declare something once, use it […] (more)

  • Creating reusable patterns for WordPress Themes

    As I’ve hinted at before one of the advantages of writing websites from scratch is that you get to be in control of everything. Of course as a site grows in complexity that can become a disadvantage too. Control, however, is addictive – and now I am using WordPress I am working hard at bending […] (more)


  • Moving WordPress blog posts off the home page

    TL;DR – skip to the bottom. When I set up my blog a couple of weeks ago my plan was for the blog to be on a subdomain managed by WordPress and the main website to be a simple HTML page with a link to it. Not long after I completed my set-up I realised […] (more)

  • Sliding Timer Widget in Flutter (Part 2)

    In my previous post I created a sliding number widget using Flutter CustomPainter. In order to use this widget in action, there are two more remaining tasks. The first is to group several of the NumberSlideWidgets together in a single widget and the second is to add the timer. Firstly we’re going to create a […] (more)

  • Sliding Timer Widget in Flutter

    I’ve been experimenting a bit with Flutter animations and wanted to create a timer widget which displays the time in seconds, and updates by rolling up or down. Extending Custom Painter After a bit of research I decided to extend the CustomPainter object to draw the number elements for the timer. The first step is […] (more)

  • Wrestling with WordPress

    I’ve a confession to make. I’ve never really liked using other people’s software for web development. It’s probably because I’m a dinosaur. I wrote my first website in raw HTML using Notepad, and since then I’ve not looked back. My tool of choice has moved on to Sublime Text, and my websites are a mix […] (more)

  • Draining the swamp

    “When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp” It seems quite appropriate that in wanting to start a tech blog about the difficulties in keeping up to date, I should start by having to update a whole bunch of dependencies. My web-host […] (more)


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